Dinnerz is open for beta!
We have a great app and we are looking for foodies like you that would like to try it out. Please reach out to info@dinnerz.com and ask us anything it's on your mind! or just to say Hi!

A fun dinner with your
friends, every month.

Create a group with your friends. Each month, we will pick one of you as a chef, we will tell you what to cook and who to invite to your house.
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  • A fun game to play with friends

    It involves real dinner at someone's house, where the chef has missions to fullfill

  • A foodie way to organise dinners

    The missions are create to make the chef creativity shine

  • Keep in touch with your friends.

    The app organise everything. Staying in touch with your friends is seamless.

Dinnerz is my name,
Cooking is my Game

When the app fix a dinner for you and your friends, it also suggest missions for the chef ( what to cook ) and for the guests ( what to bring ) The missions are specifically created to make dinner fun and to expose chef and guests to new food, dishes, culture.

How does it works?

  • 1

    Create a Dinnerz group

    The group is private, just for you and your friends. Create a group

  • 2

    Fill in your preferences

    We want to know what food you like, how many people you can host, and if you are going to the dinners alone or with your family

  • 3

    Wait for the invite

    Once a month, you will get an invite to a dinner, and one of your friend's house.

  • 4

    Are you the chef?

    From time to time, we will ask you to host the dinner, and we will even tell you what to cook.

Large group?
No problem!

If there are many people in your Dinnerz group, the app will handle it by splitting the guest in smaller groups, different every months!

Create a group and invite your friends

You create a group and ask your friends to join, the system will start assigning you 1 dinner everymonth and giving missions to the chef

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